Oxeye Daises, Hardwick Hall Gardens, Derbyshire, England

All Original Photography by http://vwcampervan-aldridge.tumblr.com




Bunny falls asleep

bun didn’t actually fall asleep!! bunnies flop over like this when they feel safe and comfortable in their environment. they rarely stretch out and lay down because they’re prey animals, so when ur bun does completely lays on their side or their back, it means they feel 10000% safe around you



like you can be an asshole to me if you do it in french

If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.

Vincent Van Gogh (via wordsnquotes)


reblog if you are sorry ms. jackson and also are for real

Are you the SAT because I’d do you for 3 hours and 45 minutes with a 10 minute break halfway through for snacks, and then I can stare at you for like 10 minutes and think ‘wow, I hope I don’t ruin this.’

Dude on OKC with the best pick up lines I have ever heard (via katamarang)



These are photos of children crying for some great reasons, and these are my favorites lol.

whenever I tell people I don’t want kids, they get all indignant like “oh you say that now.” Then I just send them this photoset.